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I recently partnered with Digital Tutors a Pluralsight company to come up with a course about creating storyboards in illustrator and Indesign. It’s very much my own way of doing things and since I’m a big fan of both those programs, I thought it would be worthwhile to anybody who’s also a fan to learn how to do it.

Watch this promo video to learn more:

Creating Effective Storyboards in Illustrator and Indesign

This course is broken down into the following parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up your art boards
  3. Thumbnailing your storyboards
  4. Finding problems
  5. Creating custom brushes
  6. Outlining
  7. Clean up
  8. Adding props and backgrounds
  9. Shading
  10. Apply camera pans
  11. Lighting
  12. Organizing Indesign for the presentation
  13. Scripting in Indesign
  14. Completing the final PDF

It was a lot of work, since I’ve never done a tutorial before, and I’m very proud of how it turned out.

Don’t worry that it’s my first one.  Digital Tutors held my hand the whole time. They forced me to redo a number for video’s for things like breathing too heavily or talking too quietly. It’s all so that you would get a great course.  I’m glad they helped me along.

Digital Tutors

You should check Digital Tutors out. They have a ton of content for those of you who want to learn digital art. Everything from 3d art and animation to graphic design and coding, so even if you don’t care about storyboards, I would still check them out.

Now for the Contest

By the way, for my first contest ever (tiny but formidable), over the month of May and June anybody who signs up to my newsletter will get put into a draw to win 30 days free access to the course. I’ve got 3 passes I can give away so don’t miss out. 

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