If you’ve got the creative brief in hand and the sponsor is ready to go and it’s time to do a creative meeting to brainstorm and get all the stakeholders on the same page, Why not bring in the storyboard artist?

You have so much to gain and very little to lose. In fact, depending on your illustrator’s ability to interact with clients, you’re passing up a huge opportunity for a fantastic creative brainstorm and problem solving session. A chance to show off in front of the client and get them even more engaged in the process.

Brainstorming with the storyboard artist before finalizing your script is going to breath new life into all your ideas. An illustrator will see things a bit differently, and being a visual storyteller should help you validate your solutions as well as clarify where there might be questions or if something won’t make sense to the audience.

A good storyboard artist will contribute to your creative meetings.

Often the question of whether to show or tell is a fine line. Sometimes we have to go through a lot of hoops to get someone to show it instead of telling it. The back and forth between the illustrator, the director, and the sponsor will help draw these lines. If a storyboard artist can instantly demonstrate why a great visual is better than explaining it to the audience, then you have a less stressed out client by the time you’re at the video shoot.

We all want to believe we’re funnier than we actually are, but there’s a reason why comedians spend so much time working on their shows — not everybody can imagine a joke the same way and you need to test if it’s funny. There are many different types of humour and lack of good timing can kill a great joke. If your storyboard artist can’t see it, there is a good chance nobody else will. Bring them in to try it out, and with the back and forth that hopefully turns into a laugh session, you’ll end up with comedy gold.

A creative meeting can get a completely different type of energy from an storyboard artist, whose first priority is making that copy shine. You put all that work into saying the exact right thing by creating dialogue that subtly tell a great story. Now the visual expert wants to do the same thing, with emotional lighting, timing and camera angles.

Something I pride myself on, here at Big City Storyboard, is trying to blow the sponsors mind before we (my partner video studios) even get to the production stage. Showing that we go the extra mile to communicate our ideas and ensuring we have taken all their concerns into consideration before we go shoot — talk about creating buy in. I always know we’re on the right path when the client is excited for the next step. This is truly my favourite stage of the process.

Remember a great storyboard artist is more than just a set of hands. We are visual problem solvers who want to help you achieve your unique vision. So bring us in early. You’ll be amazed at what happens later on.

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