Apps that Kill Creative Jobs

Apps that Kill Creative Jobs

Why new Apps mean we need to be more collaborative.

I am about to send you to a website that could make you skip hiring me as a storyboard artist and instead, decide to use a low budget program that will do all the work for you.

But I’m not worried…

A lot of creative types get scared when they see software that claims to be able do a much of the design work for you. It feels like a robot has replaced their job. It doesn’t bother me though. I’ve learned what’s really happening.

While these Apps make bold claims by offering free libraries of art materials or free up precious development time, it doesn’t guarantee successful storytelling, quality art or great design.

The Grid

The Grid will replace all web designers

It got me thinking about the replacement of the web designers, through tools that are supposed to make it easier to create.

One example is The Grid for web. It claims that websites will design themselves.

I have no doubt, it will definitely get rid of some of the more mundane tasks that web designers have to bill their clients for, but at the end of the day when it comes to content, strategy or user experience; my prediction is that while it will come close – in the end it will constantly be a near miss. Why because your website has to tell a good story.

Animoto is killing the video production industry

It’s like Animoto, which allows you to make “custom” videos with your content and their vast library of effects and music. It’s so obviously not custom – except for any content you provide. Just go through the samples and you will quickly see the limits of it’s ability to create anything truly meaningful.

I challenge anybody to show me a video that would actually convert a buyer, as opposed to being set decoration for your website or slideshow. If you can prove it… I’ll bet it’s your own custom content that did it and how you managed to force the program to tell a good story.

The new storyboard artist replacement

So what’s the tool I’m showing you that will make you pass on hiring a storyboard artist and instead just do it yourself? Storyteller. I tried it out and thought, “this is going to be really great for people who don’t need to push the envelope in their stories, people who don’t need any special effects, and people who don’t need to understand camera angles in their productions”

Truthfully those people shouldn’t be calling me anyway.

But my customers want and need to push their stories to the next level. That’s what makes their projects so much to work, and so worth it.

The future of creative replacement through software

These tools give us something to look forward to. If software developers continue to focus on getting rid of mundane heavy lifting in our jobs, it allows us more time for the thought and creativity that goes into a great idea. Those of us who study our chosen art forms will only benefit.

No scriptwriting tool will ever replace the mind of a scriptwriter. Drawing tools have proven to enhance illustration, but you still need the creative to come up with new ways to make art.

Designers will always have to design experiences. No AI website will truly take over that job, because the world is in constant flux and change. It takes the creative students, who understand the fundamentals of their chosen fields, to be able to adapt to any new paradigm. Even when it’s short lived.

I am not an engineer but I know how to build a deck, or a shed. In today’s world those are hardly feats of engineering. They come with instruction manuals to help you make the most basic of structures and if you are a bit creative you can surely try new things. Almost everybody has the same deck though.

Go ahead and pay for those tools

I’m so sure that these tools will not replace me in the long run that I’ve linked to them. So go ahead and try them out for yourself, but if you want that professional touch for your videos, websites, and illustrations, then you need somebody who studies marketing and storytelling for a living, not a robot that’s trying to guess.

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