Michael Grills - Principle of Big City Story

I was in college in 1998 when I saw my first storyboard; Superman 3. My professor at the Alberta College of Art and Design brought it out to show the class as reference for one of our assignments. It only contained the opening scene, but it was enough for me to realize that, of all the illustration work that existed, storyboarding was the most entertaining.

Since then I have worked as an illustrator in various businesses ranging from video games to advertising, editorial to e-learning and the one thing I have come to realize is that pre-planning before production is where I can add the most value for my clients.

That’s why I created…

Big City Story – The Storyboarding Company

It combines two skills that I love. The first is storytelling, which for me is one of the greatest callings a person can pursue. The second is art, a skill that when combined with storytelling creates and amazing experience for the audience.

Collaborating with art directors, creative directors, and film directors I use my storytelling, entertainment background, and art skills to create compelling storyboards for a variety of industries; including: corporate video, advertising agencies, video production, animation, and video games.

Please take a look around and consider getting in contact for your next production; whether it’s eLearning, corporate video planning, advertising or a major TV or film production.

Big City Story – The Storyboarding Company is owned and operated by me Michael Grills and is a division of Michael Grills Illustration.

Email: art@michaelgrills.ca or Phone: 403 921 6112 anytime for a quote or estimate.

If you want to learn more about his portrait and editorial illustration than go to Michael Grills Illustration.